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    I am interested in mathematics and methods for teaching it. I studied Mathematics Education at the University of Kansas, and upon completion of my degree stayed as a graduate student in higher mathematics. In my third year, I decided to take a year abroad at the University of Bonn, in Germany. I felt instantly at home, and when presented with an opportunity to return to complete my Masters there, I did. After I finished my Masters, I stayed in Bonn one more year teaching mathematics at an international high school, but soon felt the pull of higher mathematics and headed to the University of Freiburg as a research and teaching assistant. After two years there it became clear to me that it is in the classroom where I belong, so I packed up my things and headed to Munich to teach at a bilingual high school. As the school is still fairly new, on top of my teaching duties, I helped to develop a new curriculum that integrates the Bavarian standards with those of the IB.

    MSc in Mathematics
    Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universit├Ąt Bonn, Bonn, Germany
    Thesis: Generic Reals and Proper Forcing

    BSE in Mathematics Education
    University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS